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  News and Announcements:

January 16, 2011...fs2x is pleased to announce the release of a new G1000 upgrade. This upgrade contains changes to the MFD nearest pages and fixes several issues relating to flight planning and procedures.

January 16, 2011...fs2x is pleased to announce the release of a G1000 panel for the Quest Kodiak aircraft by Lionheart Creations.                                                             This package contains panels for FS9 and FSX. Go to the G1000 page to download.  (note: You must own both the fs2x G1000 and the Lionheart Quest Kodiak package to use this panel.)

For more information about the fs2x G1000, see the pics to the right and on the G1000 page, or go to the G1000 page and download the free Pilots Guide.

All upgrades are free to product owners and are currently included in the main product package.


Welcome to the fs2x web site. We have been making and offering MS Flight Simulator addons successfully for almost 10 years.

We currently offer 4 payware products that we believe are high quality at a reasonable price.

We also have a number of freeware addons, including a Piper Meridian, the Garmin G430 and G530, and the fs2x WAAS gauge that enables the user to land at any airport in the FS database with LDI and VDI capability. We also offer an adventure using the WAAS gauge.

If you are interested in learning about XML coding, go to the Tutorials Page where you will find tutorials on the subject related to FS, a listing of the variables used, and a number of freeware products made by some of our 'students'. You can also upload your project to our site.

In addition, we have a Forum where you can get support for any of our addons, as well as discuss any general flight simulation subject you want. The Forum is also a place where you can get help with XML projects.



fs2x Quest Kodiak G1000 Panel


Garmin G1000 Package: Includes all 4 fs2x G1000 panels




Please click on any of the pictures to get a larger view. Click on the title or on the Product Pages to go to the products main page for details, more screenshots, and documentations.



Cessna 172 G1000



VC Panel View
2D Panel View



Cessna 208B G1000


Beechcraft Baron 58 G1000
         2D Panel View        



Virtual Cockpit Panel View
COM, NAV, Elapsed Time, and OBS
4 Different KLN 90B Pages Displayed

Panel View
Aircraft View
Mooney Bravo G1000
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