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   Download the latest fs2x G1000 package by clicking on the button to the immediate left.

Installation instructions are included. Also see the Installation Page here at fs2x.com.

This is a 256-bit encrypted zip file that requires a password to open. Please use the password you receive after payment at PayPal.

This is the complete fs2x G1000 package as of 03/12/11, and contains the latest upgrade for both FS9 and FSX (note: FSX Deluxe or Gold Edition only).

Note: the Quest Kodiak aircraft is made by Lionheart Creations and must be purchased from their web site before the fs2x G1000 Kodiak panel can be used.
Note: The fs2x Kodiak G1000 panel is not part of the fs2x G1000 package. It is only offered to owners of the fs2x G1000 and is offered at no additional cost.

This file is to be downloaded by both new and current users.














         2D Panel View        


Click here for the Kodiak fs2x G1000 panel.

Note: This is a password protected file. The password is obtained by purchasing the fs2x G1000 package.



Kodiak G1000 Panel




VC Panel View








Cessna 172 Skyhawk












Mooney Bravo




Cessna 208B Caravan














            SOME KEY FEATURES:  
  •   G1000 panels for 4 aircraft
  •   G1000 virtual cockpit  panels
  •   G1000 PFD                                      
  •   G1000 MFD
  •   G1000 NAV/COM audio panel
  •   high resolution  
  •   sharp, clear graphics
  •   realistic flight dynamics
  •   2 NAV/COM transceivers
  •   ADF radio
  •   DME
  •   GPS/NAV1/NAV2 navigation
  •   direct-To flight planning
  •   multi-leg flight planning
  •   transponder
  •   autopilot panel
  •   vertical navigation
  •   metric displays
  •   flight timer (count up/down)
  •   nearest navaid pages
  •   ALERTS window
  •   over 20 MAP pages
  •   direct tuning of NAV/COM
  •   speed and altitude vectors
  •   tracking vector
  •   trip planning page
  •   system settings page
  •   traffic display
  •   topography and terrain info
  •   engine info pages
  •   North/Heading UP
  •   navaid info pages
  •   barometric minimums
  •   adjustable reference speed
  •   softkeys for data access
  •   range adjustable moving map
  •   map panning
  •   wind vectors
  •   HSI
  •   bearing pointers
  •   procedure pages
  •   bearing/distance page
  •   adjustable lighting level
  •   altitude capture
  •   adjustable vertical speed
  •   insert maps
  •   auto approaches
  •   vector and non-vector approaches
  •   LPV Approaches
  •   FLC capability
  •   realistic flight annunciations
  •   and more, much more...


Glass panels, like the Garmin G1000, are clearly replacing the older "steam engine gauges" panels in general aviation (GA) aircraft. Most new GA aircraft now have a glass panel as standard equipment, and many older aircraft are being re-fitted with them. Garmin, with the G1000 unit, has been a leader in the field since the beginning. The G1000 displays a wealth of flight information, including the information displayed on the older panels. This information is typically displayed with sharp graphics on 2 large (10.4￿ diagonal) color, flat panel display screens. The units are connected via a single high-speed Ethernet bus for fast exchange of information and data. One G1000 unit is a dedicated PFD that displays graphical flight instrumentation and other important flight information, and the other G1000 unit is a dedicated MFD that presents a full-color moving map with navigational information, and a display of numerous engine parameters.

The Garmin G1000 contains a lot of information, and it can take some time to know what information is available, where that information is located, and how to access the information. However, most of the available information is not required to use the G1000 for flight. Basic flight information such as attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, turn and bank indication, etc., is clearly presented without the user having to do anything other than fly the aircraft. An advantage to this point is that the user can learn to use the G1000 to its full capacity while actually flying with it. The fs2x G1000 can also be used by the seasoned G1000 pilot wishing to brush up on G1000 functionality when not flying the real G1000.

The fs2x G1000 offered here is a replication of the real world NAV III Garmin G1000. It was designed with the idea in mind that if the user can fly the fs2x G1000 they can fly the real world Garmin G1000. Functions include map pages, nearest Navaid pages, direct-to and multi-leg flight planning, system setup page, tracking vector, wind vectors, DME, NAV/COM and ADF radios, RNAV and LPV capability, traffic, menus, popup windows, waypoint information and nearest pages, flight level change, vertical navigation, vector and non-vectored auto approaches, and missed approaches to name a few. The fs2x G1000 package includes new instrument panels for the FS9 and FSX default C172, Mooney, and C208B aircraft. Each panel has a G1000 Integrated Flight Deck designed specifically for that aircraft (see pics below). In addition, panels for both standard and wide screen monitor versions are included.

Smooth flying and realistic flight dynamics are also included, and with the G1000 panel these aircraft are a treat to fly. They are easy to fly and can be flown by anyone, from the aspiring pilot to the seasoned veteran. Enjoy flying while learning about the new 'glass panel' era of GA.

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