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WELCOME, You can upload your files here. We are particularly interested in XML gauges that we can host on our tutorials page,

especially if you are learning the process and have taken advantage of any help from our tutorials. We are planning new tutorials from

ourselves, and if you would like to submit one then upload here. Please inform us of your upload in our forum.



This simple procedure will upload your file to our anonymous public FTP site. Go to:

ftp://fs2xcoma.startlogic.com/ (you will have to paste this into the browser address box,

I cannot get it to work as an active hyperlink))

log on in the user name box as:


and leave the password box empty and no need to tick the 'Log on anonymously'

box. Also ignore the message at the top of the box.


Please double click on the 'welcome.msg' file for latest information.

Then open the 'incoming' folder and upload your file.

You can copy and paste or drag your file from windows explorer to the ftp page

Please be sure to inform us of your upload in our forum.

Cheers from FS2x.com